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Matt here. I'm starting this blog to keep tabs on the upcoming world trip through South and North America, Asia and maybe a little Australia. I'll be the primary writer along with special guest appearances from my wife Mirja. The main goal here is to keep family and friends up to date on our whereabouts and daring adventures. If strangers would like to follow along too, that's okay by us. Don't expect updates everyday though. We want to get out to some remote places (like without roads) and sleep under the stars and do it all without the encumberances of laptops or smart phones. When we get to more civilized parts, we'll put up some juicy details of what has transpired since the last post, hopefully with lots of pictures and entertaining stories. I'd like to put up a post once or twice a week if we're all lucky.

I leave for Patagonia in about a month and am still trying to plan my plan. Perhaps writing a few entries will help. I'm pretty bent on hiking as much as I can before Mirja joins me at the far southern tip of South America a few weeks after I start. I've been fervently reading Lonely Planet's Trekking in the Patagonian Andes to try and make a plan to fit in as much as possible. Usually I abandon my plan within days of hitting the ground, but I just love planning a trip and researching public transport and lodging options. It keeps me busy.

The other phase of planning was watching The Motorcycle Diaries to get some inspiration. I love how Che got off the beaten path (was there any such beaten path in the 50's?) and I liked hearing Spanish in my ears again. I can still understand Spanish quite well from high school (gracias Senora Botas) and travels in Latin America and Spain, but my ability to speak it has been almost completely transplanted with German. The idea of what I want to say comes in my head, but on the way to my vocal chords, it somehow gets transformed into German. I'm sure time will make it better.

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